Faerie Kiss Kittens
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For any information, my e-mail is vaprio@hotmail.com

seal point kittens (year 2005)


Faerie Kiss Weenie Beenie, red point
GIC Raysuli Mare Blu x Faerie Kiss Sole di Mezzanotte
born march 2014, looking for a home

Planned Marriages 2014:
stud might change and timing depends on calling of the queens ;-)

IC Faerie Kiss Maharanee Wilwarin JW

seal tabby point

Damita's Alejandro (Mucho Calor)
seal point

possible colours: seal, blue, chocolate, lilac. anche in tabby.


Innamorata aux Pieds de Neige

chocolate tortie
EC Julius Caesar von Magic Elfland x Ginger de l'Ange Mumiah


Kintamani Vincent van Gogh
seal point
EC Faerie Kiss Lailoken x Kintamani Samba

possible colours: maschi seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, red, cream. femmine seal, blue, chocolate, lilac anche in tortie.


Djalisco's Enigma

seal point
Djambo du Temple de Lugh X Tafari Rose v.d. Rosenterrasse



seal point

possible colours: seal, blue, chocolate, lilac.


Ch Faerie Kiss Silmaharil

blue tabby point

Damita's Alejandro (Mucho Calor)
seal point

possible colours: seal, blue, chocolate, lilac. anche in tabby.


For any information, my e-mail is vaprio@hotmail.com

Tel. ++39 02 90989740 - ++39 320 0285725

The kittens will leave us when they are at least three months old, dewormed and fully vaccinated. 
Show/breeder quality cats will also be tested for blood group if requested.
They will NOT be "shipped" alone.

Pictures of previous litters:
(the dates after the names refer to the last update)

Beren & Berenice
Evrain of Brandigan
Epistemi, Edjem Be My Faery, Elfine Elisabeth (05 10 2007)
Faerie Kiss Elaine Lady of Shalot &  Excalibur of Arthur
Faerie Kiss Finvarra The Golden, Fiore di Maggio, Fata Morgana, Fool Radagast Wizard
Faerie Kiss Floriant il Bel Selvaggio
Faerie Kiss Gandalf il Blu
Faerie Kiss Gwyn Glasir,Galadriel Regina degli Elfi,Grisandole, Gilraen La Bella (25.10.05)
Faerie Kiss Ginevrina
Faerie Kiss Isotta dalle Bianche Mani, Havelock the Dane, Kaherdin
Faerie Kiss Idril Celebrindal

Faerie Kiss Iside, Imhotep, Horus, Horakhty (22.02.06)
Faerie Kiss Hellekin, Kubla Khan, Igraine, Kaiserin Sissi, Hugues de Paynes (09.10.05)
Faerie Kiss Ivorwen, Ithildin e King
Faerie Kiss Haytham, Hilel, Johara
Faerie Kiss Laurelin, Lysanor Lothiriel (10.12.06)
Faerie Kiss Legolas, Lancelot, Logistilla, La-di-da Belle Dame Sans Merci (30.06.06)
Faerie Kiss Lavinia, Ligeia (15.01.2007)
Faerie Kiss Lailoken, Luthien Tinuviel (07.04.07)
Faerie Kiss Leodegrance, Landeval Lavander, Lohengrin (04.03.07)
Faerie Kiss Lancillotto del Lago, Laris (25.01.06)
Faerie Kiss Meriadoc 'Merry' Brandybuck, Mpanjaka Siriondil, Mago Merlino, Melian The Maia (02.01,2007)
Faerie Kiss Manwë, Maharanee Wilworen, Monicat Lady of Rivendell, Midhir of Bri Leith (09.04.07)
Faerie Kiss Maia, Milone, Minerva
Faerie Kiss Meliador, Mustardseed, Menelao, Myrth Myrtle
Faerie Kiss Montesquieu, Marmalade, Meneghina al Porto, Morgan La Fée, Mask-a-Raid (07.03.2008)
aerie Kiss Meneltarma, Mitheithel (04.03.2008)
Faerie Kiss Ma'am Elentári, Manwëndil (21 03 2008)
Faerie Kiss Narsilion, Nenar, Nightingale, Nirvana (05 10 2007)
Faerie Kiss Nimphelos, Noblesse Oblige (17 06 2007)
Nerone, Nausica, Numa Pompilio
Narya, Nenya, Vylia (06.11.2007)
Nahual, Nedjem, Niniane
Narsil, Nerwen
Faerie Kiss Nejera,Nouronihar
Faerie Kiss Oiolairë, Olórin, Otto I, Ossiriand, Olwarel
Faerie Kiss Orbelain, Orgilion, Orithil, Oranor
Faerie Kiss OKhan Bijou, Owain, Olwen
Faerie Kiss Oberon, Odo de St Amand, Obi ao
Faerie Kiss On Mulla Unelma, Mithrandir, Olen Niin Pop, Oikea Homenaana, Onnetar
Faerie Kiss Ostoher, Orangelle, Ombretta
Faerie Kiss Pandistella, Prince
Faerie Kiss Pucele As Blances Maines, Philippa de Hainault (12 01 2010)
Faerie Kiss Perle Noire, Poignée d'Amour, Poudre de Perlimpinpin, Pantagruel, Pile ou Face LouLou (12 05 2010)
Faerie Kiss Primavera, Pentagramma, Philippe de Milly, Pierre de Marivaux (12 01 2010)
Faerie Kiss Pille-Riin, Pollicina, Pico della Mirandola
Faerie Kiss Pedro de Montaigu
Faerie Kiss Pipe of Peace (12 10 2009)
Faerie Kiss Quirion of Orcel, Raimel of Loventel, Querquons Dariel
Faerie Kiss Rodyn
Faerie Kiss Quenuz de Caerec, Quintareus, Queen Saphìra
Faerie Kiss Rochemont, Rhun , Eros & Rhych Seferi
Faerie Kiss Silmariën, Sillamäe & Scaramouche (01 2012)
Faerie Kiss Silmaharil
Faerie Kiss Silima, Saphir, Starmoon
Faerie Kiss Swami Wise-Nose
Faerie Kiss Shams al-Nahâr, Shahrazàd , Samarcanda, Silky Road


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