Il 2 Giugno 2006 sono nati i primi cuccioli di Torrecerredo, la mamma Morgana!

Faerie Kiss Fata Morgana  (daughter of my lilac girl Tinuviel) gave birth to one male and one female on june 2nd. Father is the cream boy Zhamanen Torrecerredo.
We are very curious to see the development of these kittens Both parents are so charming :-).

I genitori, the parents:

Ch Zhamanen Torrecerredo
cream point

ECFaerie Kiss Fata Morgana
seal tabby point

Pedigree of the kittens

... and the kittens


f  seal tortie tabby



m blue tabby


Peso alla nascita, un mese

90 - 530 85 - 461


Seal tortie tabby female

Owner Mariia Touronen - Finland

3 years


Blue Tabby Male
1 x Nomination
Owner Carolina Negrin - Lissone MI




All together!    

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