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Born on 23th March 2003 - PEDIGREE
three females and one male. tre femmine ed un maschio.
Faerie Kiss Gwyn Glasir - m chololate tabby - Owner Laura Ciocchetti (BI)
Faerie Kiss Galadriel Regina degli Elfi - f chocolate tabby - Owner Bettina Rode (D)
Faerie Kiss Grisandole - f seal tabby - Owner Bianca Schioppi (BI)
Faerie Kiss Fata Gilraen La Bella - f seal tabby owner Gerhard Mayers (D) 
Tom: Las Perlas-Sin Eminyan - seal tabby point
Queen: Las Perlas-Sin Luthien Tinuviel - lilac point

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Breeder: Faerie Kiss - Roberta Bianchi
Thu 27 Mar 2003 -
Tue 1 Apr 2003
bulletThe kitten's eyes will start to open. Their sight is still very foggy.
bulletKittens are born with blue eyes.
bulletMake sure the eyes are clean, look for any signs of pus.
bulletKeep the kittens away from bright lights.
Fri 28 Mar 2003 -
Sat 5 Apr 2003
bulletThe ear canals begin to open.
Sat 29 Mar 2003
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bulletIf the queen can't handle the feeding of her kittens, you might want to take care of two or three feedings each day.
bulletFeed the kittens a commercial artificial queen's milk (like KMR). Use a syringe or with a soft rubber nipple.
bulletDon't overfeed the kittens (when it is full, bubbles come out around its mouth).
bulletDon't forget to give the queen some too (as much as she likes).
1 April

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Sat 5 Apr 2003 -
Sat 12 Apr 2003
bulletThe kittens are more aware of their surroundings and will start to explore.
Tue 8 Apr 2003
bulletEar canals should have completely opened by now.
Abbiamo aperto gli occhi e perso da giorni il cordone ombelicale
Da oggi abbiamo due mamme.... la Guiny ha deciso di adottarci...

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Wed 9 Apr 2003

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Wed 9 Apr 2003
bulletThe kittens will be able to excrete without being stimulated.
Sat 12 Apr 2003
bulletKittens are able to purr now.
bulletKittens can stand up now.
bulletAt this stage you may want to introduce a miniature litter box, but be very cautious - some kittens try to eat the litter filling. Switch to another type if they do (try the sort that is made out of paper or wood).
Sat 12 Apr 2003 -
bulletSocialisation with people and cats will take place during this period.
Sat 12 Apr 2003 -
Sat 19 Apr 2003
bulletBaby teeth will start to appear.

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non la mamma!!

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Sat 3 May 2003
bulletKittens are fully weaned now and need lots of space to exercise.

non la mamma!!

la zia Guiny!!


Gwyn a un anno:



A due anni

Gugu ha avuto 16 cuccioli e 6 fidanzate, le mamme dei cuccioli sono:

Ch X-Amanda
Ch Goccia
IC Tabata de l'Iris Doree
Dorje Ling Gigliola
IC Shannaya's Golden Melody Blue Magic Zest
IC Las Perlas-Sin Shanti Fee Oriana

Novembre 2003:

hei, un pomodoro!

gnam che buono!

Agosto 2003

Febbraio 2004

Miaogiuro, non ho gli occhi verdi! Ma che combina la mia mamma con la macchina??!!

La guardiana di Stefano

Girlaen nella sua nuova casa
Luglio 2003:

Gilraen e la sua prima expo,

I cuccioli di Gilraen:

Il pap dei cuccioli
EC Las Perlas-sin Djambo

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