Faerie Kiss Gandalf il Blu  -  Owner Elisa Gadaldi
Kitten/Litter: Born on Tuesday 25th February 2003 in the morning. 95 grams. Pedigree.
I am a boy and my name will be... Faerie Kiss Gandalf The Blue

Elisir (Alessandro Del Piero) 
lilac tabby point
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Faerie Kiss Edjem be my Faery
blue point
Breeder: Faerie Kiss - Roberta Bianchi
Tue 25 Feb 2003
bulletMake sure the kittens get warm as soon as possible after they are born. When they are still wet their temperature can drop rapidly. Put them under a ceramic lamp (if the queen lets you take her kittens away), or use a heating pad or cushion, a bottle filled with warm water (covered with a towel) or even warm (not hot) towels. Warm a chilled kitten gradually!
bulletWhen the queen is finished giving birth, return the kittens to her (after cleaning up).
bulletIt's very important that the kittens receive the queen's first milk during this day. This first milk, colostrum, contains antibodies that help to protect the kittens against infections. The ability of the kitten to absorb these antibodies will cease after 24-48 hours.
bulletDetermine the sex of the kittens. Lift the tail of the kitten. You should see two openings, if they are close together, the kittens is a female, if they are farther apart, the kitten is a male.
bulletYou should weigh the kittens every day - or at least during the first two weeks. They should have doubled their weight at the end of the first week and gain at least 10 grams each day.
Tue 25 Feb 2003 -
Wed 26 Feb 2003
bulletThe first two days of your kitten's life are the most critical for its survival.
bulletTry not to disturb the queen and her kittens too much, but do check every two hours or so to see if everything is OK - especially if it's the queens first litter. Keep a close eye on the queen. If she appears to be feverish take her to your vet.
Tue 25 Feb 2003 -
Thu 27 Feb 2003
bulletThe umbilicus should be carefully inspected for evidence of inflammation or infection.
Wed 26 Feb 2003
bulletSome kittens loose a bit of weight during their first day, but will catch up during the second day and fill out rapidly after that.
bulletA healthy new-born kitten is either sleeping or sucking.
bulletIf a kitten appears to be apathetic or cries constantly, something is wrong (consult your veterinarian)!
Wed 26 Feb 2003 -
Thu 27 Feb 2003
bulletUmbilical cord drops off.
I am 8 days old... and my human mum saw me for the first time! She was in the states when I was born :-(
My weight is 160 grams today.
Sat 1 Mar 2003 -
Thu 6 Mar 2003
bulletThe kitten's eyes will start to open. Their sight is still very foggy.
bulletKittens are born with blue eyes.
bulletMake sure the eyes are clean, look for any signs of pus.
bulletKeep the kittens away from bright lights.
Sun 2 Mar 2003 -
Mon 10 Mar 2003
bulletThe ear canals begin to open.
Mon 3 Mar 2003
bulletIf the queen can't handle the feeding of her kittens, you might want to take care of two or three feedings each day.
bulletFeed the kittens a commercial artificial queen's milk (like KMR). Use a syringe or with a soft rubber nipple.
bulletDon't overfeed the kittens (when it is full, bubbles come out around its mouth).
bulletDon't forget to give the queen some too (as much as she likes).
9 Mar 2003
I am opening my eyes!!!
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20030309edjempiccolo04x.jpg (63231 byte) 20030309edjempiccolo05x.jpg (40759 byte) 20030309edjempiccolo06x.jpg (37565 byte) 20030309edjempiccolo01x.jpg (30239 byte)
Mon 10 Mar 2003 -
Mon 17 Mar 2003
bulletThe kittens are more aware of their surroundings and will start to explore.
Thu 13 Mar 2003
bulletEar canals should have completely opened by now.
Fri 14 Mar 2003
bulletThe kittens will be able to excrete without being stimulated.
Mon 17 Mar 2003
bulletKittens are able to purr now.
bulletKittens can stand up now.
bulletAt this stage you may want to introduce a miniature litter box, but be very cautious - some kittens try to eat the litter filling. Switch to another type if they do (try the sort that is made out of paper or wood).
Mon 17 Mar 2003 -
bulletSocialisation with people and cats will take place during this period.
Mon 17 Mar 2003 -
Mon 24 Mar 2003
bulletBaby teeth will start to appear.
Mon 24 Mar 2003
bulletMost kittens can start to eat semi-solid food.
Mon 24 Mar 2003 -
Mon 7 Apr 2003
bulletThe colour of the iris of the kitten's eyes will start to change colour.
Mar 29
Ora ho un mese. Mangio anche le pappe, saltello e uso la sabbietta!!!

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20030329gandalfblu0003x.jpg (44615 byte)

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20030329gandalfblu0006x.jpg (55612 byte)

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Mon 31 Mar 2003
bulletKittens can be dewormed now (or even sooner if the kittens are infested with worms).
bulletMake sure to use a preparation suitable for kittens this young (consult your veterinarian).
bulletNever worm a sick kitten (see your veterinarian first).
Mon 7 Apr 2003
bulletKittens are fully weaned now and need lots of space to exercise.
Sun 13 Apr 2003

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Mon 21 Apr 2003
bulletFirst vaccination against Feline Respiratory Disease - Rhinotracheitis virus (FVR) and calicivirus (FCV) - and Panleukopenia (Feline Infectious Enteritis) can be given now.
Sat 26 Apr
Siamo andati dal vet per la prima vaccinazione

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20030426gandalfblu0004x.jpg (45706 byte)

20030426gandalfblu0006x.jpg (57492 byte)

20030426gandalfblu0007x.jpg (47439 byte)

Mon 12 May 2003
bulletSecond vaccination against Feline Respiratory Disease - Rhinotracheitis virus (FVR) and calicivirus (FCV) - and Panleukopenia (Feline Infectious Enteritis) can be given now.
Mon 19 May 2003
bulletAdult teeth will start to appear.
Mon 19 May 2003
bulletThe kittens are twelve weeks old now and just about old enough to leave the nest and go to a new home.
Novembre 2003 Partecipo alla prima esposizione felina e ottengo EX-1 dal giudice finlandese Saarela.

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