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Come eravamo e... come siamo!!

born on 23th May 2002 - PEDIGREE
Faerie Kiss Finvarra the Golden - m chocolate point - Owner Peregalli MI (I)
EC Faerie Kiss Fiore di Maggio - f chocolate point - Owner Barreca (F)
EC Faerie Kiss Fata Morgana - f seal tabby 
Faerie Kiss Fool Radagast Wizard - m chololate tabby - Owner Tonnis (D)
The kittens have found new homes except Morgana who stays with us. 
Tom: Las Perlas-Sin Eminyan - seal tabby point
Queen: Las Perlas-Sin Luthien Tinuviel - lilac point

20020414vielemy.jpg (90304 byte)

Breeder: Faerie Kiss - Roberta Bianchi
Thu 23 May 2002
bulletMake sure the kittens get warm as soon as possible after they are born. When they are still wet their temperature can drop rapidly. Put them under a ceramic lamp (if the queen lets you take her kittens away), or use a heating pad or cushion, a bottle filled with warm water (covered with a towel) or even warm (not hot) towels. Warm a chilled kitten gradually!
bulletIt's very important that the kittens receive the queen's first milk during this day. This first milk, colostrum, contains antibodies that help to protect the kittens against infections. The ability of the kitten to absorb these antibodies will cease after 24-48 hours.
Mummy and the kittens

20020524vielcuccioli2x.jpg (34611 byte)

20020524vielcucciolix.jpg (17441 byte)

Daddy taking care of the kittens while mummy is away... 20020525emybabiesx.jpg (21134 byte)
Thu 23 May 2002 -
Sat 25 May 2002
bulletThe umbilicus should be carefully inspected for evidence of inflammation or infection.
Fri 24 May 2002
bulletSome kittens loose a bit of weight during their first day, but will catch up during the second day and fill out rapidly after that.
bulletA healthy new-born kitten is either sleeping or sucking.
Fri 24 May 2002 -
Sat 25 May 2002
bulletUmbilical cord drops off.
Kittens 3 days old:

20020526smallmalex.jpg (12027 byte)

20020526smallfemalex.jpg (14891 byte)

20020526bigfemalex.jpg (11165 byte)

20020526bigmalepinknosex.jpg (16926 byte)
Mon 27 May 2002 -
Sat 1 Jun 2002
bulletThe kitten's eyes will start to open. Their sight is still very foggy.
bulletKittens are born with blue eyes.
Tue 28 May 2002 -
Wed 5 Jun 2002
bulletThe ear canals begin to open.
Kittens 11 days old:

20020603cuccioli4x.jpg (10060 byte)

20020603fioredimaggiox.jpg (6864 byte)

20020603fgx.jpg (6999 byte)

20020603mgfgmpx.jpg (12966 byte)

20020603mgfpx.jpg (8655 byte)

20020603mpx.jpg (7259 byte)

Wed 5 Jun 2002 -
Wed 12 Jun 2002
bulletThe kittens are more aware of their surroundings and will start to explore.
Sat 8 Jun 2002
bulletEar canals should have completely opened by now.
Sun 9 Jun 2002
bulletThe kittens will be able to excrete without being stimulated.
Wed 12 Jun 2002
bulletKittens are able to purr now.
bulletKittens can stand up now.
Wed 12 Jun 2002 -
bulletSocialisation with people and cats will take place during this period.
Kittens 21 days old:
20020613vielcucciolix.jpg (17070 byte)

20020613finvarrax.jpg (7375 byte)

20020613fioredimaggiox.jpg (14666 byte)

20020613fsealtabbyx.jpg (28376 byte)

20020613mchoctabby2x.jpg (10387 byte)

20020613finvarra2x.jpg (13528 byte)

20020613vielcuccioli2x.jpg (14498 byte)

20020613fsealtabby2x.jpg (4827 byte)

20020613mchoctabbyx.jpg (13820 byte)
Wed 12 Jun 2002 -
Wed 19 Jun 2002
bulletBaby teeth will start to appear.
Kittens 1 month old. Finvarra - m chocolate Fiore di Maggio - f chocolate

Fata Morgana - f seal tabby

m choc tabby

Morgana e Finvarra - f seal tabby e m choc point 20020626fioredimaggiox.jpg (15411 byte) Viel e tabbies

m choc tabby e Fiore di Maggio, f chocolate

Wed 19 Jun 2002 -
Wed 3 Jul 2002
bulletThe colour of the iris of the kitten's eyes will start to change colour.
bulletI piccoli mangiano pappe miste ad omogeneizzato e croccantini.
Usano la lettiera.
Corrono e giocano con i topolini.
Kittens June 30th

20020630finmorganafooldormo.jpg (18471 byte)

20020630cucccestofiorex.jpg (23678 byte)

20020630cucciolicasettamorx.jpg (24002 byte)

20020630vielcucciolicasettx.jpg (27303 byte)

Wed 3 Jul 2002
bulletKittens are fully weaned now and need lots of space to exercise.
Kittens july 10th 20020710finvarrax.jpg (8354 byte) 20020710fiore3x.jpg (12981 byte)

20020710morganaletto2x.jpg (17412 byte)

20020710foolx.jpg (4754 byte)

20020710fiore&foolx.jpg (16045 byte)

20020710morganalettox.jpg (27484 byte)

Wed 17 Jul 2002 Il 26 luglio siamo andati dal veterinario per la prima vaccinazione.
Kittens July 19th Finvarra Fiore

Fata Morgana


Morgana e Firoe

Morgana e Finvarra

Kittens July 28th 20020722cuccioli.jpg (253798 byte) 20020728fooldorme3x.jpg (61888 byte)

20020722morganaerba2x.jpg (40466 byte)

20020728foolerbax.jpg (60130 byte)

20020728vielallattax.jpg (33673 byte)

20020728foolariel2x.jpg (25301 byte)

Mon 25 Aug 2002 Tutti dal veterinario per richiamo vaccino trivalente, leucemia, microchip, gruppo sanguigno. Tra poco lasceranno mamma gatta :-(((
Kittens Aug 27th

20020827finnprimopianox.jpg (7626 byte)

20020827fiorex.jpg (14396 byte)

20020827morganax.jpg (7846 byte)

20020825fool5x.jpg (29092 byte)

20020827finnfioresullosfond.jpg (40412 byte)

20020825morganafiore2x.jpg (28161 byte)

20020827foolmorgana.jpg (35562 byte)

20020825fool3x.jpg (27250 byte)
Settembre..... I piccoli devono cambiare casa... solo Morgana resta con noi!!
Vicini o lontani non ci separeremo definitivamente da loro... il bel Finvarra andato a pochi chilometri da qui, abita con Matteo, Gabriella e Junior (gatto persiano).
Fiore e Fool abitano da care amiche in Francia (Costa Azzurra che fortuna!!!!) e Germania, ogni mattina assieme al quotidiano ricevo loro notizie ;-) e le expo saranno un'ottima occasione per rivederci!!!
Piccoli birmi crescono....

Fiore di Maggio and Morgana are now FIFe Europa Champions!

Fool is dad of 2 lovely girls.


Finvarra a un anno

200302fioredimaggio2.jpg (44759 byte)
Fiore di Maggio
9 mesi

20030103morgana3.jpg (49844 byte)
Morgana, 7 mesi

20021220fooldaantje.jpg (32570 byte)
Fool, 7 mesi
Fool - luglio 2003



Morgana e il suo primo fidanzato

Fool, novembre 2003

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