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Faerie Kiss
Roberta Bianchi
FIFe - ANFI approved
Sacred Cat of Burma

I fell in love with Birmans in 1997 when my first blue point Guinevere entered my home.

Guinevere, blue point, our first birman :-)
Breeder Laura Bersano (I)

In 1998, thanks to her first litter I decided to breed. Having kittens is en extreme joy to me.

I then started looking for a lilac point female (this colour was  not so common in Italy) and I wanted her to match my ideal Birman in temperament and stardard. It was an hard search...
I took a plane to Germany and came back home with Tinuviel.

After a few years some queens joined my cattery:  Edjem Be My Faery and Fata Morgana, Tinuviel's daughters, Little Indian's Savannah and a charming seal girl coming from France, but with mostly Swiss pedigree, Undomiel.

EC Las Perlas-sin Luthien Tinvuiel DM
Lilac point
Breeder Bettina Rode (D)

EC Faerie Kiss Edjem
Blue point
(neutered 2009)

EC Faerie Kiss Fata Morgana
Seal tabby point
(neutered 2008)

Little Indian's Savannah Banyula
Seal tabby point
Breeder  Antje Tonnis (D)
(neutered 2008)

Ch Undomiel de L'Ange Mumiah
Seal point
Breeder Nicole Trivino (F)
(neutered 2008)

In december 2003 Guiny was desexed and in 2004 I decided to keep a daughter from Edjem (Isotta) and a daughter from Morgana (Idril) and.... a son fo Tinuviel (Kubla, neutered in 2006):

EC Faerie Kiss Isotta Dalle Bianche Mani DM
Chocolate point

EC Faerie Kiss Idril Celebrindal
Chocolate Tortie Tabby point

Ch Faerie Kiss Kubla Khan
Seal point
(neutered 2006)

Not only is Idril a very charismatic girl, but I planned the marriage of her mother Morgana to a red boy in order to obtain a Faerie Kiss red girl. Morgana is seal tabby so I could get no red girls directly from her but Idril (choc torbie) may give a little red to me :-) I am enjoying playing a little while with colours.
The few red/cream available in Italy had a very similar pedigree to Idril's father and, as I prefer to avoid inbreeding, I found a husband for her abroad.
In 2004 Voltaire came from France and Torrecerredo followed in 2005 from Finland.

IC Voltaire de Masora
Red point
Breeder  Anne-Francoise Bizien (F)

Ch Zhamanen Torrecerredo
Cream point
Breeder  Mariia Touronen (FI)

The peds of these cats brought new blood line in my cattery and in Italy.
Since 2003, since I desexed Guiny, I am looking for a beautiful blue girl, I hope my queens will make this present to me soon but that's not an easy task!
In 2005 I married Tinuviel and Edjem to a boy who only carries seal and blue in order to increase the chances to get blue.... but I got 5 seal females (and 3 seal males).
The year of the seal indeed! Also the marriage of Undomiel to Kubla gave one seal girl and a seal boy. But a special seal boy. When I saw him I thought: that's Kubla! then after one week: that's Kubla with gloves!!! (daddy Kubla has very low markings, he is Ch and will not be shown any more). So Lailoken stayed with us and on the day of his 6 months' "birthday" his present was the FIFe Junion Winner title (first birman in Italy). Let's hope that he will become a beautiful stud.
The last jewel who joined our cattery in 2005 is Valentino, a blue point male. He came when not expected as wonderful present... since 1999 I had been looking for a kitten our of his line who in the end arrived :-)

EC Faerie Kiss Lailoken JW
Seal point

Sinah's Viscount Valentino
Blue point
Breeder Helga Kriz (A)
(neutered 2007)

During the year 2006, the blue I was longing for did not arrive... but Tinuviel had once again a very special litter, so I fell in love with Maharanee, seal tabby. Thanks to her perfect gloves and heart shaped head, as the judges write, she got in a few shows the FIFe Junior Winner title (second birman in Italy, the first is Lailoken!).

IC Faerie Kiss Maharanee Wilwarin, JW
Seal tabby point

But also a beautiful blue from Norway arrived... a male not a female!!
Why did I chose him? His mother is breathtaking!!!
Then I had another wonderful present, really by chance and unexpected, by Helga Kriz: another of her pearls, Yvette. Valentino's half sister (same father) and very promising.

Lykkeweiler's Catch Me If You Can
blue point
All. Christin Lutken (N)

Ch Sinah's Yvette
Seal point
All. Helga Kriz (A)

There are new purring beauties among queens and sires but this page has not been updated, yet.

I wish to thank my friends, breeders I cooperate with, for our friendship that goes behind our love for cats, and for having helped me to achieve Faerie Kiss kittens I am happy of. Last but not least they gave me the possibily to bring, along with Tinuviel, Undomiel, Voltaire, Torrecerredo, Valentino and Catch, new interesting blood lines not only into my cattery but in Italy as well.

I wish to thank my friends who live with part of my breeding cats.
I could not pay the proper attentions to them if they all lived with me.

On the top: Edjem, blue point. Right: TInuviel, lilac point
Left: Las Perlas-sin Eminyan, seal tabby point stud visiting us.

Since 2001 my cattery if FIFe approved with the name "Ferie Kiss". In Italy, to get a name for your cattery, you need to own at least two queens (one since 2004) who already gave birth to healthy kittens and one male (no male is necessary since 2008). This is the reason why I could not ask for it before and my "old" kittens cannot have their surname "Faerie Kiss".

Why Faerie Kiss?
You need to be careful walking through the woods: if a fairy kisses you, you loose mortality and will stay forever in their world. That's what Birmans do, they look at you and you are totally lost. You cannot help thinking of them!

Birmans are very playful cats and in the meantime they are sooo sweet. They love people, children and other animals, too.

The standard of this breed is very difficult to be achieved. Most of the kittens are pet quality and this is the reason why the most important thing, in my opinion, is to breed looking for a purrrfect temperament and for healthy cats, not only for standard.

My queens usually have one litter per year. Colours we usually obtain are seal, chocolate, blue, lilac also in tabby (occasionally also red, cream, tortie and torbie). They leave their mothers when they are at least three months old and I will not allow them to travel alone to their new houses.

I suggest to everyone who decides to adopt a pedigreed cat who will be a companion for life, to personally visit the cattery the kitten comes from before making such an important choice.

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