Our Sires:

UK Sucette's Uturn

seal tabby point
Pedigree - co-owner Valda Tomsone
he lives in Riga with Valda

Sucette's Uturn babies: we are so young but... we will grow up!

chocolate n seal tabby point
Faerie Kiss xx Crossing n Faerie Kiss Zebra Crossing
pedigree of the mother

seal point
Faerie Kiss Where is My Mind
mother is Faerie Kiss Silmaharil

NO* Damita's Alejandro (Mucho Calor)

seal point
owner Roberto Bacis BG

FI*Zhamanen Sandstorm

chocolate point
co-owner Cristiano Sandon


recently neutered, a big thank you to my special males

EC Faerie Kiss Lailoken, JW DVM

seal point
with mummy...
17 Best in Show

Ch Faerie Kiss King Aragorn
King Sbragaverza Bianchi in Dancelli
Marito di Viel e papÓ di Mara

seal tabby point
owner Simona Dancelli
with mummy...

My studs, with the exeption of Lailoken, do not leave with me but with dear friends and they are never rehomed after being desexed.

A Special Thank You also to...

Faerie Kiss Beren - blue point
first birman boy born from my very first birman Queen
IC Las Perlas-sin Jilgamesh - blue point
Ch Faerie Kiss Kubla Khan - seal point
IC Voltaire de Masora - red point
Ch Zhamanen Torecerredo - cream point
Sinah's Viscount Valentino - blue point
IC Zhamanen Private Show - red point
Lykkeweiler's Catch Me If You Can
Ametyst Blue Anubis - blue point
IC Faerie Kiss Nedjem - lilac point
Flink de Cipangos - blue point


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