Cats and our other passions lead us to the right name for each kitten......
Most of the names are out of Tolkien or Arthurian characters.

Some of the texts come from Internet sites I am grateful to.

Guinevere (Queen Guinevere)

Guinevere (in Welsh, Gwenhwyvar which means 'White Phantom') was the daughter of King Leodegrance of Cameliarde and wife of King Arthur. If you wish to read more about her, visit this link.

Guinevere, born march 22 1997 - blue point

Arthur marries Guinevere
Marriage of Arthur and Guinevere

bereniceadultax.jpg (29576 byte)
Berenice - f blue point
daughter of Guinevere
born sept 2 1998

berenice.jpg (3429 byte)

b. c.A.D. 28, Jewish princess; daughter of Herod Agrippa I. A very beautiful woman, she was often involved in intrigue. After her first husband died, she was married to her uncle Herod of Chalcis. After his death (A.D. 48) she lived in incest with her brother, Herod Agrippa II, causing some scandal. Her third husband was the Cilician king Polemon II, whom she abandoned, returning to Herod Agrippa II. She and her brother sided with Rome in its struggle with Judaea. The emperor Titus apparently planned to marry her, but the Romans’ great dislike of the Jews forced him to withdraw from the match. Titus’ dilemma is the subject of Racine’s play Bérénice.

Beren and Luthien Tinuviel

Tinuviel is the only daughter of King Thingol of Doriath and Melian the Maia, and said to be the fairest Elf to have ever lived. She was discovered by Beren as he wandered the woods of her father's kingdom, and they grew to love one another. When Lúthien took Beren before her father, he was apalled that his royal daughter should wish to wed a mortal, and so set Beren what he thought was an unachievable task, to recover a Silmaril from the Iron Crown of Morgoth himself. So Beren left Doriath in pursuit of his hopeless quest.

After a time, a darkness fell on Lúthien's heart, and she learned from her mother Melian what this meant; Beren had been captured by Sauron, and was held in the dungeons of Tol-in-Gaurhoth. Though Thingol sought to stop her, Lúthien set out from Doriath to rescue Beren, if she could. Passing through many adventures, she gained the help of Huan the Hound, and together they came to Sauron's Isle. Through Lúthien's magic and Huan's strength they defeated Sauron and rescued Beren. Eventually Beren set out for Angband once again, and Lúthien accompanied him.

Through Lúthien's powers, they passed the gates of Angband, and the great wolf Carcharoth that guarded them. Coming before the Dark Throne itself, she wove a spell that put Morgoth and his court into a deep sleep, and Beren cut a Silmaril from the Iron Crown. Returning to the gates, they found that Carcharoth barred their escape. Beren held up the hallowed Jewel to protect them, but the monstrous wolf bit off his hand, and with it consumed the Silmaril. But the Silmarils were blessed by Varda herself, so that any unclean flesh that touched them would be withered and burnt. The wolf's innards were consumed with that burning, and it ran howling into the south.

Lúthien healed Beren, and they came at last back to her father's halls at Menegroth. There they heard tidings that the maddened wolf had entered Thingol's realm, and Beren set out with the King to the Hunting of the Wolf. After nightfall they returned; the wolf was slain and the Silmaril recovered, but Beren was wounded mortally. So he passed away, and soon after Lúthien too wasted of grief.

Their spirits were gathered in the Halls of Mandos in the Uttermost West of the World, and there Lúthien sang a song of such extraordinary power and beauty that it moved even the implacable heart of Mandos himself. So she was granted a unique fate, to become mortal and return to Middle-earth with Beren, where they dwelt for a time in happiness on the green island of Tol Galen in the River Adurant. 

Song of Beren and  Luthien Tinuviel

The leaves were long, the grass was green, 
The hemlock-umbels tall and fair, 
And in the glade a light was seen 
Of stars in shadow shimmering. 
Tinúviel was dancing there 
To music of a pipe unseen, 
And light of stars was in her hair, 
And in her raiment glimmering. 

There Beren came from mountains cold, 
And lost he wandered under leaves, 
And where the Elven-river rolled 
He walked alone and sorrowing. 
He peered between the hemlock-leaves 
And saw in wonder flowers of gold 
Upon her mantle and her sleeves, 
And her hair like shadow following. 

Enchantment healed his weary feet 
That over hills were doomed to roam; 
And forth he hastened, strong and fleet, 
And grasped at moonbeams glistening. 
Through woven woods in Elvenhome 
She lightly fled on dancing feet, 
And left him lonely still to roam 
In the silent forest listening. 

He heard there oft the flying sound 
Of feet as light as linden-leaves, 
Or music welling underground, 
In hidden hollows quavering. 
Now withered lay the hemlock-sheaves, 
And one by one with sighing sound 
Whispering fell the beachen leaves 
In the wintry woodland wavering. 

He sought her ever, wandering far 
Where leaves of years were thickly strewn, 
By light of moon and ray of star 
In frosty heavens shivering. 
Her mantle glinted in the moon, 
As on a hill-top high and far 
She danced, and at her feet was strewn 
A mist of silver quivering. 

200201vielsottopoltrona.jpg (27455 byte)
Tinuviel - lilac point 
born feb 19 2000
When winter passed, she came again, 
And her song released the sudden spring, 
Like rising lark, and falling rain, 
And melting water bubbling. 
He saw the elven-flowers spring 
About her feet, and healed again 
He longed by her to dance and sing 
Upon the grass untroubling. 

Again she fled, but swift he came. 
Tinúviel! Tinúviel! 
He called her by her elvish name; 
And there she halted listening. 
One moment stood she, and a spell 
His voice laid on her: Beren came, 
And doom fell on Tinúviel 
That in his arms lay glistening. 

As Beren looked into her eyes 
Within the shadows of her hair, 
The trembling starlight of the skies 
He saw there mirrored shimmering. 
Tinúviel the elven-fair, 
Immortal maiden elven-wise, 
About him cast her shadowy hair 
And arms like silver glimmering. 

Long was the way that fate them bore, 
O'er stony mountains cold and grey, 
Through halls of iron and darkling door, 
And woods of nightshade morrowless. 
The Sundering Seas between them lay, 
And yet at last they met once more, 
And long ago they passed away 
In the forest singing sorrowless. 

berenx.jpg (20883 byte)
Beren - m blue point
Guinevere' son
born sept 2 1998

Evrain of Brandigan

Powerful Arthurian King. He lived in an unreachable castle in Brandigan.

albero1.jpg (61440 byte)
Evrain - seal point
Guinevere's son
born 22 january 2001

Elfine Elisabeth

Elisabeth was chosen by Patrizia and Antonio, Elfine was added to link her to my faeries.

211001lizdivanosfondobluw.jpg (28906 byte)
Liz - lilac point
Tinuviel's daughter
born july 7th 2001

elfine.jpg (26363 byte)

Edjem - blue point f  Tinuviel's daughter
born july 7th 2001

Edjem Be My Faery

Edjem comes from Nedjem, one of the first Egyptian cats. Edjem is a town in Tunisia with a beautiful coliseum, too, I visited it many years ago...I realised it only a few months after choosing this name!


Chosen by Maria Cristina.
It means intelligence in ancient greek.
And she really is...


09092001epistemi2.jpg (33052 byte)
Epistemi - lilac point
f Tinuviel's daughter
born july 7th 2001

artuelaspadanellaroccia.jpg (52320 byte)

Arthur  Excalibur of Arthur

The "Excalibur" was King Arthur's sword. It was not the "Sword in the Stone" (which broke in battle), but a second sword which Merlin helped him get.
With this sword, Arthur fought countless nobel battles against evil.
Merlin was worried that Arthur would fall in battle, Merlin took the King to a magical lake where a mysterious hand thrust itself up from the water, holding aloft a magnificent sword.
Since King Arthur was always in battle, (the sword from the stone broken in battle), Merlin led Arthur to a lake, from the middle of which an arm protruded holding a sword. The sword, Excalibur, belonged to the Lady of the Lake, who gave it to Arthur.
It was the Lady of the Lake offering Arthur a magic unbreakable blade, fashioned by an Avalonian elf smith, along with a scabbard which would protect him as long as he wore it.
Towards the end of his reign, during the troubled times of Medrod's rebellion, Excalibur was stolen by Arthur's wicked half-sister Morgan le Fay.
Though it was recovered, the scabbard was lost forever.
Thus when Arthur was mortally wounded at the Battle of Camlann.
The King then instructed Bedwyr (or Girflet) to return Excalibur to the lake from whence it came.
However, when questioned about the circumstances of its return, Bedwyr claimed to have seen nothing unusual.
Arthur therefore knew that Bedwyr had kept Excalibur for himself and sent him back to the Lake once more. Hurling the sword into the misty waters this time, Bedwyr saw the mystic hand appear to catch Excalibur and draw it beneath the rippling waters for the last time.

Artù - m seal point
Guinevere's son
born sept 26 2001

Elaine Lady of Shalot

Beautiful Lady in love with Lancelot, they had a son Sir Galahad. But Lancelot preferred Guinevere to her and she died of a broken heart...


elaine.jpg (94318 byte)
The Lady of Shallot  
by John William Waterhouse

0411eltgrw.jpg (34017 byte) 
Elaine - f seal point
Guinevere's daughter 
born sept 26 2001

20020623finvarrax.gif (17022 byte)
Finvarra - m chocolate point
Tinuviel's son - born May 23 2002

Finvarra The Golden

Faiiry king of the Daoine Sidhe in Ireland. He is known for his skill at chess and for abducting brides-to-be. 


Fiore di Maggio

The translation is Flower of May, the name of Sancuanjoche, flowes symbol of  Nicaragua coming each year in may.
It is also title of the Italian song by Fabio Concato you can listen to while loading this page:

Tu che sei nata dove c'è sempre il sole
sopra uno scoglio che ci si può tuffare
e quel sole ce l'hai dentro al cuore
sole di primavera
su quello scoglio in maggio è nato un fiore

E ti ricordi c'era il paese in festa
tutti ubriachi di canzoni e di allegria
e pensavo che su quella sabbia
forse sei nata tu
o a casa di mio fratello non ricordo più

E ci hai visto su dal cielo
ci hai trovato e piano sei venuta giù
un passaggio da un gabbiano
ti ha posata su uno scoglio ed eri tu

Ma che bel sogno
era maggio e c'era caldo
noi sulla spiaggia vuota ad aspettare
e tu che mi dicevi guarda su
quel gabbiano
stammi vicino e tienimi la mano

E ci hai visto su dal cielo
ci hai trovato e piano sei venuta giù
un passaggio da un gabbiano
ti ha posata su uno scoglio ed eri tu 

scientific name:
Plumeria rubra var alba

Fiore di Maggio - f chocolate
Tinuviel's daughter - born May 23 2002

morganabyjessicagalbreth.jpg (53583 byte)

Fata Morgana

Morgan Le Fay

Fata Morgana - f seal tabby
Tinuviel's daughter - born May 23 2002

Fool Radagast Wizard - m chocolate tabby
Tinuviel's son - born May 23 2002

Fool Radagast Wizard

The third, with Gandalf and Saruman, of the three Wizards who remained in the northwest of Middle-earth; he formerly dwelt at Rhosgobel on the borders of Mirkwood.  

(Tolkien, Racconti Incompiuti)



Floriant il Bel Selvaggio

The hero of the romance FLORIANT ET FLORETE. He was the son of Elyadus, King of Sicily, and the fosterling of Morgan le Fay. He was member of Arthur's court and Arthur supported him against the Emperor of Constantinople who made war on him. Floriant fell in love with Florete, the Emperor's daughter and married her.

Floriant - seal point 
Guinevere's son born July 23 2002

Gandalf - blue point figlio di Edjem
nata il 25 Febbraio 2003

Gandalf il Blu

In origin a Maia of Manwë and Varda, Gandalf came to the northwest of Middle-earth after a thousand years of the Third Age had passed, with four others of his order. At the Grey Havens, Círdan entrusted him with the Red Ring, Narya, to aid him in contesting the will of Sauron.

Gandalf wandered widely in Middle-earth, and learned much of its races and peoples. Unlike his fellow Wizards Saruman and Radagast, he never settled in a single place. He was instrumental in the victory of the War of the Ring, but during that conflict he battled with a Balrog, and though he was ultimately victorious, his spirit left his body, but was sent back to Middle-earth to complete his task.

Gandalf finally left Middle-earth in 3021 (Third Age), when he departed over the sea with the Ring-bearers.

Gwyn Glasir

This name has been chosen by Laura, the girl Gwyn lives with since he left his mum Tinuviel. Gwyn means white in ancient welsh, Glasir means splendour in ancient scandinavian language. White Splendour.

Gugu - chocolate tabby point figlio di Tinuviel
nato il 23 Marzo 2003

20030427ralleuse.jpg (49314 byte)
Grisandole - seal tabby point figlia di Tinuviel
nata il 23 Marzo 2003




Gilraen La Bella

The wife of Arathorn II, and mother of Aragorn II Elessar. When Aragorn was only two years old, Arathorn was slain by orcs, and to protect her son Gilraen took him to Rivendell and gave him into the care of Elrond.

Gilraen - seal tabby point figlia di Tinuviel
nata il 23 Marzo 2003

Galadriel - seal tabby point figlia di Tinuviel
nata il 23 Marzo 2003

Galadriel Regina Degli Elfi

Lady of Lorien.
Youngest child, and only daughter, of Finarfin of the Noldor, Galadriel was born in Valinor while the Two Trees still grew there. She travelled to Middle-earth at the beginning of the First Age with her four brothers. In Beleriand, she went often to the halls of Thingol, (to whom she was related; Eärwen her mother was Thingol's niece), and there she met Celeborn.

After the War of Wrath and the destruction of Beleriand, most of the Noldor returned to Valinor, but Galadriel and Celeborn remained in Middle-earth. After the loss of Amroth in 1981 (Third Age), Galadriel and Celeborn became Lady and Lord of Lothlórien, and there they dwelt until the end of the Third Age.

Isotta dalle Bianchi Mani


Isotta - chocolate point figlia di Edjem
nata il 2 febbraio  2004


Havelock - seal tabby point figlio di Edjem
nato il 2 febbraio  2004

Havelock the Dane

A hero of medieval romance. Havelock was the orphan son of Birkabegn, the King of Denmark. When he was just a little boy, Havelock was cast adrift on the sea through the treachery of his guardians and the raft bore him to the coast of Lincolnshire. There he was found by a fisherman called Grim who brought the boy up as his own son. Havelock eventually became King of Denmark and of part of England. He suitably rewarded the old fisherman for all he had done, and with the money the fisherman built Grim's town or Grimsby.


Nei romanzi Arturiani, è fratello di Isotta.

Kaherdin - seal point figlio di Edjem
nato il 2 febbraio  2004


Idril - chocolate tortie tabby point figlia di Morgana
nata il 2 febbraio  2004

Idril Celebrindal

Royal daughter of Turgon

The daughter of Turgon, King of Gondolin; she wedded Ulmo's messenger Tuor, and their son was Eärendil the Mariner.

Image of Isis (78kb)

Iside - seal point figlia di Savannah
nata il 16 febbraio  2004


Imhotep - seal point figlio di Savannah
nato il 16 febbraio  2004




Image of Horus (5kb)

Horus - seal tabby point figlio di Savannah
nato il 16 febbraio  2004


Horakthty - blu point figlio di Savannah
nato il 16 febbraio  2004


Egyptian king, also known as Horus the Young.
He is the King of the Rising Sun..

Hellekin In Li Jus Adan

(thirteenth century) A fairy king who became Morgan Le Fay's lover. He was an established figure in Germanic lore, first mentioned by Ordericus Vitalis in his ECCLESIASTICAL HISTORY (eleventh-twelfth century) in which he is described as a giant with a club leading the Wild Hunt. In later times in Italy, Hellekin became the Harlequin (Arlecchino) of the Commedia dell'Arte. Harlequin actually appears in the Arthurian pantomime MERLIN.

Hellekin - lilac point figlio di Tinuviel
nato il 25 Aprile 2004

Kubla Khan - seal point figlio di Tinuviel
nato il 25 Aprile 2004

Kubla Khan



Igraine - blu point figlia di Tinuviel
nata il 25 Aprile 2004


Sissi - lilac point figlia di Tinuviel
nata il 25 Aprile 2004

Kaiserin Sissi


Hugues de Paynes

 Hugues - chocolate point figlio di Tinuviel
nato il 25 Aprile 2004

Ivorwen - seal tabby point figlia di Undomiel
nata il 27 luglio  2004


Grandmother of Aragorn Elessar

The wife of Dírhael of the Dúnedain, and mother to Gilraen. When Arathorn son of Arador sought Gilraen's hand in marriage, Dírhael opposed him. Ivorwen, though, who was said to have the gift of foresight, persuaded her husband to allow the marriage. This was a small part to play in the history of Middle-earth, but it had great consequences - the son of Arathorn and Gilraen was Aragorn, who would one day reunite the ancient Kingdoms of the Dúnedain.



The magical substance known as Starmoon

A magical substance made by the Elves from mithril, that could only be seen by the reflected light of the moon and stars, and even then remained hidden until a magical word was said. Gandalf translated its name as 'starmoon', but 'moon-sparkle' would be a more literal rendering. The designs on the West-gate of Moria were made from this substance.

Ithildin - seal tabby point figlia di Undomiel
nata il 27 luglio  2004

King - seal tabby point figlio di Undomiel
nato il 27 luglio  2004

King Aragorn

Heir of Isildur through thirty-nine generations, Chieftain of the Dúnedain of the North and, after the War of the Ring, King of the Reunited Kingdom of Arnor and Gondor. Called by Gandalf 'the greatest traveller and huntsman in this age of the world', Aragorn experienced many great adventures, and travelled to many distant lands, before claiming his kingship. His mother is Gilraen. He married Arwen.



Morgana gave birth to Haytham, Hilel and Johara while I was in Qatar to bring Havelock to his new home.
As a souvenir of that beautiful trip, I decided to choose Arab names for the three of them.

Haytham means "young hawk".
The facon is a precious compagnion in the Arabic Peninsula.

Haytham - blue tabby point figlio di Morgana
nato il 30 settembre  2004

Hilel - blue tabby point figlio di Morgana
nato il 30 settembre 2004


Hilel in arab means "new moon".



Johara in arab means "jewel".
A rare jewel like the combination of the colours of this birman:
seal tortie (red) tabby.

Johara - seal tortie tabby point figlia di Morgana
nata il 1° ottobre  2004

Laurelin, seal point figlia di Edjem
nata il 24 gennaio 2005



The Golden Tree of Valinor, the younger of the Two Trees that shed light on the realm of the Valar in the long years before the making of the Sun and Moon. (Lord of The Rings)


Lothíriel means "flower garlanded maiden." The word loth means "flower, blossom." The element riel means "garlanded maiden" from the root rig meaning "twine, wreathe" and the feminine ending -iel.

Lothiriel, seal point figlia di Edjem
nata il 24 gennaio 2005

Lysanor, seal point figlia di Edjem
nata il 24 gennaio 2005


Arthurian character, Mother of 'Llacheu', Arthur's illegitimate son.


Legolas, seal point figlio di Tinuviel
nata il 7 marzo 2005

Lancelot e Lancillotto del Lago
seal point figli di Tinuviel e Morgana
nati il 7 marzo e il 1° agosto 2005

Lancelot & Lancillotto del Lago

La-di-da Belle Dame Sans Merci

La Belle dame Sans Merci, seal point figlia di Tinuviel
nata il 7 marzo 2005

Laogistilla, seal point figlia di Tinuviel
nata il 7 marzo 2005


A sister of 'Morgan le Fey' (See Morgan le Fay) inroduced by 'Ariosto', in his work 'Orlando Furioso' (AD1516).


Lavinia, blue tabby point figlia di Savannah
nata il 22 marzo 2005

Ligeia, blue point figlia di Savannah
nata il 22 marzo 2005



Lailoken, seal point figlio di Undomiel
nato il 22 aprile 2005

Leodegrance, blue point figlio di Isotta
nato il 7 giugno 2005


King of Cameliard. Husband of  Seli, father of  Guinevere (see Guinevere).
Supporter of King Arthur (See Arthur). He was given the present of the Round Table by Uther Pendragon (Arthur's father), and then believed to have given the same table as a gift to Arthur on the marriage of his daughter Guinevere, so binding his family with all that the table symbolised.


Landeval Lavander

Landeval, lilac point figlio di Isotta
nato il 7 giugno 2005

Lohengrin, chocolate point figlio di Isotta
nato il 7 giugno 2005


A son of Percival and husband of Elsa.


Laris, blue point figlio di Morgana
nato il 1° agosto 2005


Manwe, Manwendil ed Elentari


In Elfish language, the Song of the Sun and the Moon.

Narsiolion - chocolate tabby point
nata l'8 marzo 2007
figla di Tinuviel e di King Aragorn

Nénar - chocolate tabby point
nata l'8 marzo 2007
figla di Tinuviel e di King Aragorn


A very brigh star which was placed in the sky by Elentari.
(from "Silmarillion" - Tolkien)


Nirvana... hard to tell what it is or what it is not... it's a condition where there is compelte empathy with the entire universe.
Our Nirvana has been the fifth unexpected Tinuviel's daughter, the end of her delivery - better "our" delivery, a wonderful wake up. My very small, personal, Nirvana.

Nirvana - chocolate point
nata l'8 marzo 2007
figla di Tinuviel e di King Aragorn

Nerwen - seal point
born august 21st 2007
Undomiel X  Valentino





Narsil - seal point
born august 21st 2007
Undomiel X  Valentino

Néreja - seal tabby point
born september 29th 2007
Morgana X  King Aragorn


The female emissary of Queen Amene, she went to Arthur's court to obtain aid for her mistress whose territory had been largely conquered by the evil Roaz.



Nouronihar - seal tabby point
born september 29th 2007
Morgana X  King Aragorn

Owain - blue point
born march 27th 2008
Edjem X  Lailoken


The son of Morgan le Fay and one of the Round Table's greatest knights. He befriended a lion, and remained loyal to Arthur throughout his life. Owain suffered a period of madness after neglecting his wife, but was eventually healed and reunited with his beloved. He was cousin to the Orkney brothers.

Owain shows us that whatever we achieve in our lives, we should never forget those who matter most to us. Owain shows us that having an adventurous spirit is important, but we should all know when it is time to return home.



The beautiful daughter of Yspadadden Penkawr. She married Culhwch after he completed a series of tasks set by her father. Flowers burst into bloom wherever Olwen trod.

Olwen represents the Flower Maiden aspect of the Goddess. She is present in all new life as Winter ends and Summer begins.

Olwen - lilac point
born march 27th 2008
Edjem X  Lailoken


From Tolkien. The daughter, and eldest child, of Tar-Elendil, fourth King of Númenor. She did not succeed her father but founded the line of the Lords of Andúnië from which the Kings of Gondor and Arnor were descended.


Estoniana town kept secret under Soviet times, it appeared on the maps only since a few years.  

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