blue point born on 22 march 1997
sadly left us during march 2008... but she is still here...
Breeder Laura Bersano


200201guinyartu.jpg (28380 byte)

My first Birman...

Guinevere is a cat and, just like all other cats, is special. She is a high jump champion. When she was nearly six months old she in fact jumped down (or just slid?)  the eighth floor. Don't worry... only a little dotage. 

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Guinevere 9 months

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She is a very smart cat, big size, a good hunter and a wonderful mother. 
She constantly looks forward to an open window to jump outside....
She was desexed december 2003.

2309guinygattappera.jpg (32971 byte)

Guiny  2001

211001guinypicm2w.jpg (40656 byte)

She is the boss.
Guinevere becomes famous...

5 years' old


7 anni


8 years' old


9  years' old


in the ladies' room... 2002


2006... 9 years' old

without date...

son Beren

son Floriant

son Evrain

son Artý

Selvaggia, long-distance adopted in 2004

Guinevere's kittens:
Beren & Berenice
Evrain of Brandigan
Faerie Kiss Elaine Lady of Shalot & Faerie Kiss Excalibur of Arthur
Faeerie Kiss Floriant il Bel Selvaggio

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